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When curiosity turns into tragedy

I put my testimony online in order to prevent future tragedies. Do not play with fire. Taking ayahuasca is a very dangerous “spiritual experience”.

I would like to alert. I almost died because of this “spiritual experience” that only brought me problems. With the hindsight that I have today, I can say it : ayahuasca and shamanism are a huge trap! This is a dangerous scam and a lucrative business for the so-called healers.

Ayuhuasca or liana of death, everything is secret, opaque, hidden… obscure … but some people want to try.

Be very careful, people seem to go into it with envy, just for tasting…but the risks taken are really huge.

Here are the name of some victims: (UPDATED JANUARY 2015)
Henri Miller, a 19 years old british teenager, found dead after a shaman experience.
Fabrice Epiene Pierre Champion, french guy died during an ayahuasca session. Celine Rene Margarite Briset, transported to Lima in serious condition. Unfortunately, Celine died few time after.…p-monday-apr-23
Kevin Furnas. He has commited sucide after taking ayahuasca.;wap2
Two italians people are found dead.
And many other people have lost their mental health, abandoned by the so-called healers.


I read in some posts that many others stayed “perched”, abandonned by the “healers” in the forest, many others have mental aftermaths. Who will help them?

(I’ve received messages that minimize the dramatic effects of ayahuasca. The last victims could have been saved if they had read my testimony. For these people which post this kind of message, do not be irresponsibles)

Be smart because the day of the disaster, it will be too late. I personally experienced this tragedy few years ago. I have lost five years of my life (in which I wasn’t able to do anything) and I still have physical consequences. Even today, I still have got some ringings in my ears bothering me when I want to sleep. Unfortunately, this will never go …

Believe me, don’t try this poison. I’ll told what and how it has happened.
Here is a testimony of my trip to Peru where I spent some months in a shamanic camp.

(Sorry for my english as it’s not my mother tongue)


I live in Europe. Why I’ve travelled 10.000 Kilometers to Peru?

At this period, I was in a strange part of my life and I was wondering a lot of things about life. I tried to find answers in a non-conventional way and in a spiritual quest.

After reading a post on the internet, I was interested in shamanism and about ayahuasca in particulary.

I read a story of a passionate guy. I contacted him and asked him some informations about the camp he went (which is also well known today) and so, I went.

After some long hours of flight, I arrived in the city of Iquitos in Peru.

I met the shaman, he seemed rather cool and quiet.

After my arrival at the camp, he made me wait 3 days in a kind of guest room. Meanwhile, I saw rarely the shaman and I began to immerse myself in the forest environment.

After these days of waiting, he gave me the program and made me go deeper inside the forest, in what they call a tambot (a sort of wooden hut with a bed, a hammock and a basic toilet).

The schedule was that : daily diet (diet with no meat, no sugar, no salt) for a “purification” (the power of absorption is then stronger) and 3 times a week : shamanic ceremony with ayahuasca.

Until that, nothing off-putting. The passionate man has even told me: “Anyway, you do not risk anything.” That was obviously wrong.


The ceremony took place as follows:
The shaman took place on a kind of altar, where he seemed to hold the presidency. On his table, black and white stones, somes various and strange objects. In the meeting, there were all the people wishing to drink ayahuasca.
When I went, there were westerners and local peruvians.
Everyone went in turn to the shaman who gave to everyone a cup of ayahuasca. Then, the ceremony took place while listening to some songs (the icaros) that are supposed to invoke spirits.

The horror began for me at the first taken. Ayahuasca is a very powerful psychotropic (perhaps more powerfull than the LSD depending on the dosage). I lost control of everything that was going into my head.

In fact, all images, all thoughts that come into your mind, you do not control them and you can not control them. You’re the master of yourself, of your toughts anymore.

In the meeting, everyone began to throw up and were in a terrible state of disrepair. Some people cannot even walk or talk.

Apart of the physical risk, the dangerousness is also spiritual:

Beware : ceremony of Ayahuasca is magic wichcraft !

Ayahuasca opens doors in the soul. These doors drive to the “spiritual escape” that many people seek. In fact, this is an astral trip. This is extremely dangerous because people can stay “perched”. This trip takes place only in unreal and imaginary worlds (which are not true).

I confirm from my own experience and the testimony of people who were out there with me. You can also compare it with other people on Internet.

The icaros are sung to attract the spirits that nobody can know, even the shaman (because these spirits of elements are bad).
The truth is that these spirits are evil spirits from below. These spirits can create troubles because they are called willingly.

There were several foreigners in the camp. Other people had got problems with some opened doors even after that the ceremony was completed. These doors didn’t want to close. You can imagine the horror. For my case, I made a journey in the hospital of Iquitos, I lose my mind for some days.

An other guy who was there for several months told me that he heart UFOs every night and they came to visit him in his tambot.

In fact, after several weeks of “shamanic program”, we met us and we realized that we all felt into a trap.

Several things gave us clues. Firstly, our pitiful shape that did not improve.
Shamans are witches. When they fell that the situation get worst and out of control, they abandon you in the forest or in the city pretending that energies are too high with them.

In addition, we had confirmation of shamans abusing unconscious girls after they took ayahuasca.

I was in a known camp and it still a known camp even today.

We were completely crushed by the lie … deep in the forest … with some huge paranormal problems that were still there for weeks and no doctor could understand them. A lot of suffering for nothing and how could we do to handle this situation?

Practices from below cannot pull you up. It’s impossible!

Ayahuasca is extremely dangerous, it also has been banned in Europe by the Public Health, that’s for a reason. Every years, she kills people.

It is wrong to think that ayahuasca has the power to heal even incurable illnesses (including cancer).
Some even say that it has the power to rewrite the DNA. That are all lies!

HOW could a dream or an imaginary world heal someone or make things concretely better??

I can not tell you all the horror that I endured. There were people in the forest site who came to see me, they took pity on me. I’ve understood that they heard me screaming at night whereas I was at the other part of the forest.

What has happened in my head after the absorption of ayahuasca? I’ve experienced an indescribable chaos like a nuclear explosion in my head. I was lost in an unreal world of darkness. In a burst of conscience, I wanted to take the closest thing in front of me to commit sucide : a spoon… but I’ve failed because i wasn’t able to move.

In this horror, I met someone unexpected. I think I screamed so loud that someone heard me: God.

I was extremely close to death. I was close to mental collapse.

Who I saw? It was Jesus Christ.

I think that God took pity on me. God saved me. Why? I don’t know.

Now I know who God really is. Without his help, I think that I will be dead today.

Perhaps God saved me in my horror so now, I can testify.

If, today, you keep 3 things from my experiences, here they are:
– Avoid ayahuasca, it’s a dangerous and a horrible trap
– God exists, and he’s Jesus Christ
– be smart whatever you do. Live with foresight and prudence, it can protect and save your life.

Beware and take care for your life. Life is precious and very fragile. So, do no play with it and don’t destroy your future.

If I’ve lost mine, maybe it can serve to save those of all the readers who trust in my words. All you can do for me now, is to pray the Lord for me.

Be smart, you still have so much to do in this life.


Falling in a lie and into the abyss of illusion is very hard to live. It is best to avoid it.
I fell into ayahuasca. I write to give you all the truths about this mystic and magnetic plant.
I write from my own experience but also those of others. Knowing the truth and clarity are essential.
Ayahuasca claims to lead to light but people who have a minimum of knowledge know that even the demons can disguise themselves as angels of light.

We can expose the scam and counterfeiting (like in real life) through indices and indicators.

Be VERY careful because falling into this counterfeit of light could have serious consequences
such as insanity or death.
Like I said with Ayahuasca, you have everything to lose but nothing to get.


 « Ayahuasca is a tool to light »
Because of Ayahuasca, some have been mentally tortured by the invoked spirits, others were hanged by listening to their voices, others have sunk irretrievably into madness.
Is this a tool to the light?

If it does, it means that God accepts torture and death. In this case, it’s the wrong God, it is the “God” from below, which wants that.
The true God has already sent his Son Jesus to die on the cross for us, he does not want that we die. His desire is that we have life. In my case, it is a rescue in extremis that I lived by God’s intervention. I think I’m a miracle because many were not so lucky.
It is not God’s will that we come to him through ayahuasca and Jesus. There is a more intelligent and that is the will of God.
This will of God is revealed in the Bible. The word « ayahuasca » is obviously not there. In reality, it is at the side of witchcraft. The right way to go to God, is called FAITH in Jesus. No ayahuasca and Jesus.

Being WITH AND FOR ayahuasca, means to be agree with it, and being WITH AND FOR that Ayuhasca tortures and kills people. Everyone must take his position. Being for Love and Life or for Torture and Death. It’s extremely clear that it’s a HUGE lie.

We have positive visions through ayahuasca
Ayahuasca clearly opens huge DOORS in the soul of the person who takes it.
Cases may be different: there is the case where the frightening evil spirits enter in the person, who can do channeling against his will. These doors can remain open this explains the madness that results.
There is also the case (by far the most common) where you receive influences and energies of these unclean spirits, and they are very powerful.
Their influences take you into psychedelic FALSE AND IMAGINARY worlds.
They may be falsely “paradise” or simply dark (more often). But there is no part of reality and truth in there. Everything is artificial.
If you take the ayu for spiritual growth or healing, we must wonder how something imaginary and false can bring you something.
These spirits can send you the poverty of their worlds.

“I take ayahuasca, it makes me feel good, it is good for me and my spiritual evolution.”
The lie of ayahuasca makes me think of another one that is called Amaroli. It consists of drinking his own urine to prevent or cure disease.
There is no scientific evidence that this is beneficial but many people do it. After that, they say they feel better. They may get better but I do not think it is through their urine.
This sordid lie makes them do something awful: drinking their urine.
These people put their faith in their urine instead of putting it in the Creator God (Jesus) in who all creation is in the hands. That’s the lie of the head from below, it distracts us from our Creator, because he knows the risks that it has for him if we succeed.
Amaroli and ayahuasca are to store in the same bag of lies. Except that ayahuasca is much more fierce and the danger is immensely greater.

Simply by giving testimony that ayahuasca is good, you take position for it.
Imagine that you write it on an Internet forum and a young man or woman read your message. He/she goes to Peru to try some shamanic sessions.
He suffers badly and fells into a madness with no return. This due to the fact that he believed on your testimony saying it was good. Your speech has provoked a broken destiny.

The truth is there: when someone associates with a lie, he unconsciously and indirectly works with it and he can harm someone without knowing.

« ayahuasca can cure incurable disease, it can rewrite the DNA»
Here is the top of the scam. It has never cured any cancer or anything. Awahuasca hasn’t got the power to cure. It can do it. It can tell lies claiming it can do it but in reality, it cannot.

This isn’t a question of years of spiritual experience or spiritual knowledge.
we must recognize the TRUE LIGHT: THE TRUTH with an open heart and an intellect enlightened by the Truth.
Everyone of us has got his own truth (which may be false), we must recognize the only truth that is TRUE: God’s Truth!


– Ayahuasca is hidden in the forest, it is given in a dark and occult atmosphere.
Everything that comes “from above” (the true light that is beneficial) can not be in the dark.
This is contrary to his nature.
What is the influence of ayahuasca in the world? Is this a radiation of LOVE AND LIGHT?
Have you seen shamanism centers throughout the major cities of the world, in every district? Giving ayahuasca for all, small children, adults, the elderly?
Ayahuasca is not for everyone. We can feel that it would be a massacre.
The true light is for everyone: small children, women, men, old people.
God does not discriminate anyone.
The truth is that ayahuasca cannot be in the light of the world because IT DOES NOT LIKE THE LIGHT. Its natural place is in the darkness of the forest.

Ayahuasca is given by the shamans. The sessions are highly priced
All good things are from God (he is the only source). And every gift of God is FREE.
True God servants will never ask you for money.
They can receive money but you will make the donation on your own. If you give nothing, they will always accept you.
We can not say the same for shamans. Shaman volunteer does not exist. Because otherwise he would have nothing to gain.
While a true servant of God’s light, he sees things differently.

Ayahuasca is known as the vine of death.
And it is aptly named. How a gift of God can be called so. Certainly it is a gift from God but the one of the Kingdom of the bottom … of Death.
Ayahuasca is like the world where he comes, he lies, he is deceitful, it is magnetic and it hurts.

All these answers and this writing is based on my own experience and the one of others. They are truths you can trust me and drop this trick.

Do not play with it because when you’re trapped, you can not get away.

This is personal advice (I’m not trying to indoctrinate you after what I experienced): Turn your energy, your strength, your time, your witness to the true Creator, not to the creatures (which are not pure). The Creator is Jesus Christ.
It takes time to know what to do and how to walk with God.
I know that many of you don’t believe anymore in the name of god.
Knowledge should illuminate the lies that you unconsciously agree on God. He has done miraculous things in my life and it can do in the life of anyone.

I’ll give you the keys that I used to activate these miracles:
No religion but relationship. The relationship with God must be simple, direct, close.
We must look in the direction of jesus but always stay in the God Spirit (the Holy Spirit).
God can do everything and can help anyone. Please believe in his name.
I’ve had a hard time in my life, I know now recognize the truth of False!